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Call us on 1300-844-651

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Ben Tompsett

Solar Electrician

Ben is an experienced electrician with a career spanning 17 years, during which he specialised in custom housing projects. With three years of experience in the solar industry, he has a strong grasp of all aspects of electrical work, including planning, installation, team leadership and management, fault finding, and repairs. He also mentored apprentices and students on work experience. Ben values working with clients, building supervisors, and other trades in delivering successful projects.
His passion for renewables stems from the constantly evolving and exciting nature of the industry, and the satisfaction he gains from helping people meet their green energy needs. Ben values working efficiently and with a high standard of quality and is always looking to improve the skills of his team. His customer-centric approach means he is easy to work with and is always willing to listen to clients’ needs to achieve their goals. In his free time, Ben enjoys sports, although he doesn’t play as much as he used to. He has won his fantasy football league three times in the past decade.

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