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Call us on 1300-844-651

Meet the


Arthur Braz

Finance Coordinator

Arthur has over five years of experience in various managerial roles across different departments such as administration, HR, training, and finance, with his most recent specialisation being in finance. His responsibilities include producing financial reports, reconciling accounts, and assisting in the fiscal stability of the business. Arthur is passionate about renewable energy as he believes it is a product that benefits both the customers and the environment. He is known for his approachable personality and his eagerness to collaborate with different departments.
Outside of work, Arthur enjoys playing football, a sport he has been passionate about since childhood. He also speaks Portuguese fluently, which is a nod to his Brazilian heritage. Arthur has a King Charles Cavalier named Obi, whom he loves dearly. In his spare time, he likes spending quality time with Obi and taking him for walks.

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