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Solar Installation

Access free energy living in Australia’s ‘Sunshine State’.

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We have 1000s of customers saving $1000’s annually on their energy bills across Australia. With our knowledgeable sales team, friendly customer service staff and SAA Electricians we have you covered from start to finish!

Is solar energy worth it in Brisbane?

Harnessing free, renewable energy

You know when they call Queensland the “Sunshine State” that you’re in the right place for solar power. 

Brisbane is lucky enough to receive a very high number of sunshine days per year, which makes for plenty of opportunities to generate free electricity. That, plus you might be eligible for generous state and federal government incentives, cutting installation costs. 

Take advantage of government incentives

Rebates and other incentives are available at both the state and federal level for many Aussies installing solar energy systems in Brisbane. 

For example, the Queensland government’s Battery Booster rebate could get you a discount on installing battery storage for a new or existing solar system. There are also feed-in tariff and STC-trading schemes available to offer discounts on installation and payments for excess electricity returned to the grid. 

Interested? We’ll walk you through how it all works.

Calculate Your Savings

How much would a 6.6kW Solar System Save?

What is your current bill size?

*Please note this estimate is based off a household using 60% of their energy during the day and does not take into consideration Government Assistant Payments etc. For a more personalised calculation, click below.

Getting Started with Solar Energy in Brisbane

Step One

Understand your needs

Book a chat with us and we’ll help work out your household needs with regards to solar electricity.

Step Two

Get a quote

When we know what you need, we can create a personalised quote tailored to your property.

Step Three


Our expert technicians will come to your home and install your system, usually taking just one full day.

Step Four


Generous warranties and post-installation customer support ensure our service doesn’t stop after installation.

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We’re a 100% Aussie-owned business with experts who know Sydney inside and out. Our innovative, jargon-free service, expert customer care and next-level technology will make sure you – and your monthly bills – feel the Think Renewables difference.

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