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Commercial solar systems to empower your business

Go green and save on those costly utility bills with a tailored commercial solar installation

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We have 1000s of customers saving $1000’s annually on their energy bills across Australia. With our knowledgeable sales team, friendly customer service staff and SAA Electricians we have you covered from start to finish!

Is solar energy right for your business?

A commercial solar installation looks different for every business. For some it’s an opportunity to trim the fat from monthly utility bills, while for others it’s about doing their part for the environment.

Book a meeting and let’s talk about how to enhance your savings, access government incentives and maximise your investment in solar.

  • Save up to 84% on your organisation’s energy bills
  • Access government discounts, rebates and feed-in tariffs.
  • Show the public you care about Australia, and the planet.

Getting started is simple

Step One

Detailed Consultation Process

consultation and on-site visits, we learn what makes your business tick and help you identify your solar needs

Step Two

Customised Quote

We package your installation into an easy-to-understand quote, and help you figure out if you’re eligible for government incentives.

Step Three

Installation Begins

Our technicians begin the installation process, seeking to minimise business disruption wherever possible. Generally this takes X days.

Step Four

Ongoing Customer Service

Generous product warranties and ongoing customer service ensures you’re cared for long after installation

Solar intsallation pricing

Every commercial solar installation is unique, because your business is unique. Your energy requirements, the size of your building(s), the conditions of your area and many other factors impact the total price. To help you understand what to think about when investing in solar, there are a few questions to ask yourself

Questions to think about when going solar

  • How much of your household energy do you want to generate with solar?
  • Are you trying to go fully ‘off-grid’?
  • Do you want batteries as well as panels?
  • Does your household get a lot of sunshine hours per year?
  • What’s more important: longevity & quality, or budget?
  • Are you eligible for government solar incentives?

What makes Australia perfect for solar energy?

Energy required

Less than 30 kW


More than 100kW

More than 250kW

Suitable for

Smaller businesses

Retail businesses, medium offices and clubs

Hotels, large offices and small factiories

Large shopping centres

Need to know

Falls under the same legislation as residential installations.

Require special measures to protect the grid from the power they generate.

Not eligible for STC rebates and need regitration and monitoring to claim LGC rebates.

Recommended to get specialist installers.

See solar energy in the real world

Cut those utilities costs and show customers you care. Book a solar power consultation today.