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Daniel Tonkin


Daniel is the author of the book ‘Sh*t Happens! Then Rainbows’ and is known for his entrepreneurial spirit. He started his first business in sales at the age of 23 and quickly learned how to absorb information, use it intelligently, and make corrections early. He believes that digging deep is essential to innovation and finding true success.
Over time, Daniel discovered what it takes to build highly driven teams and develop a culture that supports them. He understands that people are key to making a business thrive, particularly in the sales industry. For more than a decade, he worked with energy and Solar brands, delivering customers and building relationships.
Daniel and his team realised that they wanted to play a bigger role in the renewable energy space, an area he is very passionate about. He believes in making an environmental impact while helping customers save money on their energy bills.
When he is not working, Daniel enjoys spending time with his family and friends, travelling, and trying new foods.

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