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Danielle Orlando

General Manager

Danielle has over 10 years of experience in the Energy/Renewable sector, with a focus on sales and marketing as well as operations. Her roles have involved various aspects of customer service, operations management, customer relationship management, account management, process improvement and team management. She is passionate about promoting a sustainable, clean, and healthy future for future generations, and takes pride in knowing that her daily efforts positively influence a large number of individuals.
In addition to her work, Danielle enjoys travelling to new places, experiencing different cultures, and learning new things. She also enjoys challenging herself daily and helping her team develop their skills and abilities. Being part of something that makes a positive impact on the world is a driving force for Danielle, as is being the best mother she can be. She is a dedicated and passionate individual who believes that one person can make a difference, and always strives to achieve the best results for her clients, team, and company.

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