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Call us on 1300-844-651

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Mitchell Thomas

Sales and Talent Manager

Mitchell has been working in face-to-face customer acquisition for over 4 years, with a background in not-for-profit organisations in Australia, where he acquired donors and trained others in sales, customer engagement, and people management. In 2021, Mitchell started working in the renewable energy space, where he currently works with Think Renewable, finding the next wave of renewable energy ambassadors and providing customers with the information they need for a seamless solar journey.
Mitchell is passionate about renewable energy, particularly solar, and sees it as one of the most accessible ways to make a positive impact on the environment. He strongly believes in finding clean and green alternatives for energy, and reducing carbon emissions, to ensure a beautiful world for future generations. Mitchell enjoys working with products that not only contribute to environmental sustainability but also give customers an opportunity to reduce their cost of living.
Outside of work, Mitchell is a creative individual who enjoys music and film, spending time with friends and family, and cooking and trying new and exciting restaurants. He likes to be involved in every part of the process and collaborate with everyone in the business, from the customer engagement team to the directorship team, to find creative solutions for challenges.
Mitchell has a few interesting hobbies, including collecting vinyl records, growing up on a farm in regional NSW, and currently learning to speak Indonesian.

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