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Rory Dixon


With over nine years of experience in sales and marketing, Rory has a proven track record of running successful businesses. Originally from England, he moved to Sydney in 2012, where he discovered his passion for renewable energy in 2017. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he shifted his entire sales operation into the renewables space, helping several solar brands to expand their customer base.
In 2021, Rory, along with Daniel and David, co-founded Think Renewable, a brand dedicated to the limitless growth opportunities of the renewable industry. With a deep interest in people, process improvement, and growth, Rory believes in the power of continuous improvement and strives to be 1% better every day.
Apart from his professional pursuits, Rory has a passion for travel and has visited over 35 countries so far. A keen golfer since his teenage years, he uses the sport as an excuse to explore the world. Rory loves wildlife and adventure, and you’ll rarely find him staying in one place on any given weekend. He also enjoys hiking and spotting different animals in the wild.

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