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Huawei innovates and optimizes throughout the entire lifecycle of PV energy generation. All the solar brands we use at Think Renewable are handpicked to bring you the most advanced and efficient technology in the solar technology space.

From their superior knowledge and expertise, to the best customer service and value for money, Huawei has been carefully selected as a leading high performance brand in the highly competitive solar tech space. 

Market leading solar technology

Founded in 1987 and boasting over 30 years of experience as a leader in global energy and solar technology, Huawei offers premium Smart PV solutions. Huawei inverters have powered millions of residents and hundreds of industries globally and strives to continue to innovate and enable renewable energy to homes, individuals and organisations.

Huawei solutions, products and services are used in more than 170 countries globally, serving 3 million people worldwide on every continent. They’re constantly pushing the boundaries of smart energy network products to build a brighter tomorrow for everyone. They are committed to bring the very best digital technology to every home, person and organization for a better connected future.

Huawei aspires to make all organizations more agile, efficient and dynamic by redefining the user experience for all – whether that’s at home or in the workplace. Currently they employ around 194,000 members of staff globally, with 14 world-class research and development centres worldwide. 

Huawei Inverters

Huawei offers five main scenarios in power generation, transmission, distribution and consumption. Smart PV & ESS Generator, Smart String Energy Storage System, C&I Smart PV Solution, Residential Smart PV Solution, and Smart Micro-grid Solution. Each one helps to reduce the costs of electricity of PV plants over a lifetime to improve the grid performance and make PV a prime energy source.  They aim to make green power a primary energy source for every home and organization.


Huawei solutions service utility scale operations, homes and businesses across the globe. They allow business to get a better return on investment by helping your PV power plant run more efficiently and through better intelligence. With different solutions for a variety of customers, they have the solution to cater to your needs on all different scales from utility to residential properties.


Offering smart, efficient, safe and reliable solutions, they can increase power generation by 2% leading to higher yields for utility scale operations. Their commercial and residential solutions provide 30% more energy with optimizers. By leveraging its advantages in digital and power electronics technologies, Huawei innovates its digital technologies with PV, energy storage, cloud and AI technology. 

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