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The benefits of a solar virtual power plant



Joining a solar virtual power plant (VPP) has so many benefits for both homeowners and the planet. While fossil fuel power plants have dominated the energy industry for years, the development of technology and global events such as climate change has led to a demand for a more efficient and renewable way to manage energy resources for the future – welcoming solar virtual power plants.

How does a VPP powerplant work?

A solar VPP works quite simply by combining solar energy resources from many different households and commercial buildings then utilising this combined energy resource smartly. It makes use of all the small pockets of energy that have been collected and combines them to act as one large energy source.

As the collective energy source is then managed from a central hub, it means that when energy is required, power can be supplied from the plentiful renewable sources – rather than from the grid. The control hub takes into account demand and changing market conditions to ensure the energy is supplied where it is needed most.

As it is using a renewable source of energy this is much better for the environment than the energy that is supplied directly from the electrical grid.

 Key benefits of a solar virtual power plant

 A VPP power plant has a whole host of benefits for homeowners, businesses and the environment including:

  • Reliability – traditional power plants can be unreliable in heavy use periods or when facing extreme weather conditions. Solar VPP’s on the other hand are managed by a specially designed software meaning energy is saved then distributed when required.
  • Automation – solar VPP’s make use of the top technology we have today. From top of the range software to automation – they are one of the smartest and most efficient ways to manage and distribute energy on the market. This also means that they can be controlled reactively in response to changing demand and market conditions.
  • Efficiency – many of the existing fossil fuel power plants take up large amounts of land and are now needing expensive and time consuming upgrades. The advantage of a VPP is that it utilises all the modern technology we have today – being stored on the cloud means it can constantly be evolved and adapted without the need for physical space and time consuming upgrades.
  • Connectivity – as VPP’s use technology to access all parts of the grid, they ensure energy is distributed flexibly when needed, helping to maximise renewable energy use. By processing real time and historical data, the distribution of energy is much more strategic than from a traditional power plant meaning there is much less waste.
  • Financial gain – for homeowners, joining a VPP can have huge benefits financially. By utilising the renewable energy sources you’ll make savings each year on your bills. You’ll also be able to benefit from adding more value to your home which having solar panels installed brings.
  • Provides additional support – during peak times the grid can become overwhelmed with the demand for power. As VPP’s can help to support this, it helps to ease some of the pressure by utilising the abundant natural resources we have more efficiently, easing pressure on both the grid and the environment.
  • Environmentally friendlier – VPP’s come without the concerns around waste management, land use and carbon emissions that come with traditional power plants making them a greener choice for the planet.

As VPP’s have so many benefits, it’s easy to see why there is a gradual shift from traditional power plants to these smaller, smarter, more efficient and reliable alternatives. To find out more about solar virtual power plants read our post on what is a virtual solar power plant.

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