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The Benefits of Switching to Solar



As solar energy attracts more interest, Australian consumers are becoming curious about the real-world benefits of solar installation for their homes. Renewable energy experts often tout the cost savings that solar energy systems can deliver. But this is just one factor!

There are many long-term perks you can enjoy by switching to solar in Australia. A solar panel array can future-proof your property, massively reduce your impact on the environment and eliminate the hassles associated with legacy electricity systems.

Let’s look at the benefits of switching to solar energy in detail.

Save Money

You would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t want to save money on their power bills these days. With electricity and gas prices spiking across Australia and around the world, using solar energy is an excellent way to balance the budget.

Households with solar panels received an average credit on their power bill of $236 per quarter, according to research by Canstar Blue in 2021. South Australia and Queensland residents enjoyed the highest average credit per quarter ($280 and $271 respectively).

Using solar energy can also help protect you against seasonal fluctuations in energy costs. With a solar system installed, you won’t feel guilty about a long hot shower in winter or turning on the AC during those hot and humid days.

Add Value to Your Property

From a real estate perspective, solar panels can be a valuable long-term investment.

The prospect of cheaper energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint is especially attractive to home buyers and renters alike. As research from Origin Energy shows, 57% of homeowners would pay up to $10,000 more for a home with solar installed, while 55% of renters would be willing to pay up to an extra $10 a week in rent for a property equipped with solar.

With a high-quality system already installed, the hard work is already done, allowing a new buyer or tenant to reap the benefits of solar energy as soon as they move in.

Take Advantage of New Technology

Renewable energy is set to become a standard power source for households and businesses nationwide in the coming years. Why not get ahead of the curve?

In fact, many Aussies are already doing so. About 30% of Australian homes have rooftop solar PV installed, representing the highest uptake of solar globally. That’s more than 3 million nationwide!

With the Federal Government’s emissions reduction targets now enshrined in law, power grid infrastructure and building regulations will evolve to make solar installations even more widely adopted. Investing in solar energy now will enable you to be ready for this major transition and reap the benefits sooner.

Solar energy technology continues to advance in leaps and bounds, giving our customers a growing selection of great products to choose from. As battery storage becomes cheaper and more efficient, you won’t have to think twice about using your solar system 24/7.

Access to Generous Discounts

If you’re switching to solar in Australia, you can take advantage of the discounts provided by government schemes and energy retailers. These can potentially knock thousands off a new installation and make your future bills more affordable.

The Federal Government’s Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) provides home and small business owners with rebates when they install a new system, make an upgrade, add more capacity, or replace parts or a complete system. You can expect to save about $3,000 on a 6.6kW system installed in NSW, Queensland or WA.

Whether your property is in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or anywhere in between, it’s also worth checking out the incentives provided by your state or territory government. Some states also offer incentives for low to middle-income earners to make the switch to solar energy.

Once your system is up and running, the excess electricity produced by your solar panels can be supplied back into the electricity grid. You may be eligible for a payment from your energy retailer for this exported electricity, which is known as a ‘feed-in tariff.’ It’s another fantastic way to further reduce what you pay on your energy bills.

Enjoy Clean Energy Without Harming the Environment

We all rely on electricity for our modern lifestyles and creature comforts. It’s almost impossible to imagine life without being connected to the grid! Unfortunately, the fossil fuels used to generate electricity add more carbon into the Earth’s atmosphere – an effect recognised as one of the major drivers of climate change.

As one of the greenest sources of energy available to Australian consumers, investing in solar energy is an excellent and cost-effective way to reduce your impact on the environment.

The annual average carbon emissions for each Australian household ranges between 15 to 20 tonnes. A 10-kilowatt solar system on your property can save about 12 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. Using solar gives you a real opportunity to be effective – all while saving money!


Investing in solar energy brings a raft of benefits for households and businesses both short-term and long-term. No other energy source beats solar for its combination of cost savings, reliability and positive environmental impact.

Here at Think Renewable, our expertise in solar power technology can help you choose the best possible solutions for your home or business. Are you looking to get started and need sensible advice? Contact us today to make the switch to solar.

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