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Solar panel installation
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Switch to renewable solar energy and trim those monthly bills

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We have 1000s of customers saving $1000’s annually on their energy bills across Australia. With our knowledgeable sales team, friendly customer service staff and SAA Electricians we have you covered from start to finish!

What makes Australia perfect for solar energy?

Shrink your bills

Generate 45-90% of your home’s electricity electricity with free energy from the sun.

Help save the planet

Solar power is 100% renewable, and isn’t about to run out anytime soon.

Get paid to generate electricty

Access feed-in tariffs for returning excess energy back to the grid.

Calculate Your Savings

How much would a 6.6kW Solar System Save?

What is your current bill size?

*Please note this estimate is based off a household using 60% of their energy during the day and does not take into consideration Government Assistant Payments etc. For a more personalised calculation, click below.

We make solar simple

With an innovative, jargon-free service, generous product warranties, and offices located in NSW, QLD, VIC and WA, it’s no wonder we’re the solar installer of choice for thousands of Australians across the country.

The Think Renewable difference

  • Industry-leading customer care
  • Fully accredited + licenced installers
  • 100% Aussie-owned
  • Proud NECA members

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Solar intsallation pricing

Every solar panel installation is unique, designed to suit your specific home and the conditions of your area. That said, there are a few things you can think about to help you understand what factors may increase or decrease the price of your residential solar installation.

Questions to think about when going solar

  • How much of your household energy do you want to generate with solar?
  • Are you trying to go fully ‘off-grid’?
  • Do you want batteries as well as panels?
  • Does your household get a lot of sunshine hours per year?
  • What’s more important: longevity & quality, or budget?
  • Are you eligible for government solar incentives?

How many solar panels does your home need?

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Supercharge your home and slash those monthly bills. Go solar today.